• A unique, carefully structured and proven language programme.

    La Jolie Ronde

  • Having fun whilst learning through songs, puppets and games.

    La Jolie Ronde

  • An opportunity to develop an enthusiasm for languages.

    La Jolie Ronde

Fun with French for Kids provides:

•   Classes for children in Drogheda and surrounding areas.
•   Classes for pre-school and primary school children (ages 2-13years).
•   Classes using the excellent “La Jolie Ronde” method.
•   Classes in small age specific groups.
•   Classes using interesting, rewarding and Fun activities.
•   Classes for children with no or very little French or to reinforce the French environment at home.
•   Classes using a proven, structured, well-known and French government recognised programme.
•   Classes for children at an age where they are most receptive, uninhibited and language learning is at its easiest.

If you would like to see this morning/lunchtime or afterschool activity in your child's school or care service, please let us know and mention it to your school.


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Email: tammyneary@gmail.com